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Item# G12-002b
Period circa 1920
Dimension 38.00''W X 19.00''D X 49.25''H
Origin Gansu, China
Material Walnut
Price $3500
Item Location Warehouse
Item# G12-007a
Period circa 1920-1940
Dimension 32.00''W X 20.00''D X 44.50''H
Origin Gansu, China
Material Elm & Burl
Price $1400
Item Location Warehouse
New Arrival  
Item# L21-13
Period circa 1920-1940
Dimension 37.50''W X 18.50''D X 44.50''H
Origin Shanxi, China
Material Elmwood
Price $950
Item Location Store
New Arrival  
Item# rc-01
Period Reporduction
Dimension 20.50''W X 13.00''D X 59.00''H
Origin Beijing China
Material elmwood
Price $890
Item Location Store
New Arrival  
Item# RC26
Period 1920-1960
Dimension 33.50''W X 17.50''D X 33.50''H
Origin Beijing, China
Material Elm wood
Price $750
Item Location Store
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